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Handwritten GroovyGram interiorWant to show your loved one that you still care, even in the midst of today’s busy world?

Send a GroovyGram!

GroovyGrams are like telegrams for the 21st Century, automated for today’s lifestyle but handwritten by our talent. So few of us receive anything handwritten these days. We want to change that.

You can either buy an automated subscription or a 5-pack of GroovyGrams cards to use whenever you wish. Learn about the subscription package below, or learn about the GroovyGrams 5 Pack at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how the subscription works:

  1. Choose a subscription package below & checkout using Paypal. (We accept all major forms of payment.)
  2. paypal button example Complete your sign up by clicking on the “Return to GroovyGrams” button at the bottom right corner of the checkout page. That button will send you to the “Complete your Subscription” form.
  3. Fill out the form with the name and address of the person you want us to send the cards to. You will receive a confirmation email. Click “Yes, subscribe me to this list.” (You may want to check that it’s not in your spam folder.) Thereafter, you’ll receive a short reminder email at the interval you chose: weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
  4. Simply reply to our reminder email with your short, personalized message, and we’ll handwrite it in the next GroovyGram to your loved one! Or, if you prefer us to send a more general message, there’s no need to respond. We’ll take care of it all automatically. (Limit 50 words. These are cards, after all, not posters!)
  5. Your handwritten GroovyGram arrives in your loved one’s mailbox. They open it up and a warm fuzzy fills their heart.

Choose a Package

“Thoughtful” Package – 1 Card per month – $7/month (reoccurring)

Once per month, we’ll send your loved one a handwritten card with the message of your choice. Each month (on the 1st Monday), you’ll get an email reminder. Just reply with your note, and we’ll handle everything else.


“So Sweet” Package – 2 Cards/month – $13/month (reoccurring)

Twice per month, we’ll send your loved one a handwritten card with the message of your choice. Biweekly (on the 2nd & 4th Mondays), you’ll get a short reminder. Great for keeping in touch.


“SuperLuv” Package – 4 Cards/month! – $20/month (reoccurring)

Four times a month, we’ll send your loved one a handwritten card with the message of your choice. Once a week (every Monday), you’ll get a short reminder on Monday morning. Great for when your loved one is in need of some extra attention. (For months with 5 Mondays, the fifth Monday will be skipped.)


“Flexible Five” Package – 5 Cards – $25 (ONE TIME charge)

Due to popular request, we’re adding a new option: the “Flexible Five” package as a simple, one time charge. When you’d like to send off a beautiful, handwritten GroovyGram, just email us the message you’d like to send and the address where you’d like to send it. Easy as pie, and on your schedule.

And for any of these packages, you can even opt to have us send them a birthday card automatically as part of your subscription! And of course, you can cancel any of these subscriptions at any time. Any other questions? See our FAQs page!

Because Caring is Groovy,
GroovyGrams Team